Property and Probate

Property law

Entering into a new commercial or retail lease is an important transaction that carries with it many ongoing legal obligations.

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With a reputation for being one of the most experienced property law firms in Victoria, Amad Lawyers has extensive experience advising on commercial and retail leases and are ideally placed to provide your business with advice on leasing issues including: the commercial impact of lease terms, unfavourable lease obligations, the relevance of landlord representations, pre-contractual arrangements, fit out obligations and many other leasing related matters. We are also well placed to provide expert advice and representation in relation to lease disputes and litigation.

Any conveyancing issues are also handled. Buying and selling property or conveyancing can be a stressful and complex time for those involved. For those inexperienced in the property market, the process is often daunting and mysterious and mistakes can be very costly. Each transaction is unique, requiring proper understanding and attention to a variety of matters relating to the property to ensure that your transaction is secure.

The conveyancing process is not limited to those buying and selling property on the property market. The implementation of various Family Law Agreements often requires the conveyance or transfer of title in particular property between spouses. Where the court confirms a will through a grant of probate, it may also be necessary to convey or transfer various property titles to relevant beneficiaries.At Amad Lawyers, we are experienced in all types of property transactions, regardless of the circumstances in which they arise or become necessary.


Estate matters are inextricably linked with family relationships. In this environment, we work with sensitivity and discretion to provide our clients with quality solutions.

Amad Lawyers provides assistance in creating a will and advising on probate matters

You work hard to build up and maintain your assets. It makes sense to take the same sort of care in making sure that your loved ones get the benefit of them when you are gone. But if you don't have a will, your property will be divided up according to a set formula, whether you like it or not. And if you don't have any next of kin when you die, your property will go to the State.

Amad Lawyers provides a tailor made solution to your succession requirements and offers assurance that your property will be distributed in accordance with your wishes.

The family discord and soured relationships that can arise out of disputed estates form the best advertisement for making sure you have an effective, legally prepared Will. But once the problems arise they need to be resolved. Amad Lawyers provides practical, business like advice on disputed estates. We aim to resolve disputes with the minimum of conflict and cost, while making sure your legal interests are defended to the fullest extent.