Family Law

Family Law issues and disputes are an unfortunate reality of the 21st century. Where parties separate, the decision of the party to leave the relationship is never an easy one and is rarely made instantaneously. The nature of the relationship and the circumstances of the dispute always require distinct treatment, distinct analysis of the law and distinct advice on the right way to go forward.

At Amad Lawyers, we believe that our clients deserve a proper understanding of their position and how their position relates to the relevant Family Law. We recognise that every matter is unique and personal, regardless how much or how little money is involved. We pride ourselves on our sensible and sensitive advice, as well as the ability that our advice has on bringing closure to the matter.

Family law advice and legal help with property and custody issuesAt all stages during the matter we will listen carefully to our clients, while promptly providing the right advice and assistance. We will always ensure that our advice is in accordance with a realistic approach to both the dispute and to the law, while acting only with our clients' best interests at heart.

At Amad Lawyers, our family law service will ensure that you are provided with proper resolution of your family law dispute, whilst ensuring that both your integrity and your wallet is kept intact at all times.

The work we do includes the following:-

  • Advising in relation to any dissolution of marriage or divorce and ensuring that all implications of obtaining a Divorce are attended to and not forgotten;
  • Advising and negotiating an attractive and realistic Property settlement and ensuring that the implementation of any agreement reached is carried out professionally and completely;
  • Providing accurate and relevant advice regarding Pre-nuptial agreements and drafting effective agreements that bind the parties, thereby avoiding potentially nasty litigation between the parties at some time in the future.
  • Providing effective de facto relationship advice relating to all de facto rights, whether arising out of the relationship or under the law generally. We also provide accurate and informative advice in relation to making or defending de facto property claims.
  • Advising in relation to child support and custody, as well as a range of other child related proceedings.

No matter what type of Family Law Matter you are experiencing, at Amad Lawyers we realise that minimising conflict where possible is in your best interest. However, where conflict is unavoidable we will always ensure that your rights are strongly advocated and protected.